Thursday, October 30, 2003

"Touring Lighthouse Ministries"

Today's feature at, Lighthouse Ministries, is very much based on a recent opportunity I had [arranged by Here's Life Inner City] to tour the Lighthouse's American Hunger Relief operation.

Ya gotta love this ministry and the guys behind it -- they're living their Christianity and getting the job done. Their site speaks for itself as to the main thing, but let me just mention a couple of things that caught my eye from the moment I walked in.

They were sitting around the conference table having a working lunch studying scripture. Here they are, guys 'getting the job done' so to speak on the front lines... yet studying together... and sometimes laughing together as they got into some areas that might finely distinguish (not divide) them.

Secondly, and maybe importantly, I noticed a one-pager they used to help ever-focus them on their segment of the mission at hand. It was a one-pager of metrics -- measurements that symbolized each piece of their objectives... how many people fed, in bible studies, saved, etc. There was little doubt what these guys thought was important, in following Christ.

Btw, did I mention... their metrics are posted on their web site as well, helping them and everyone else know what they are doing, and desire to do. May God continue to bless them mightily.

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