Sunday, October 12, 2003

Overheard around the City-Impact Roundtable, NYC:
"Uniting Christians for holistic evangelism & revival".
"2,600 cities with populations of 10,000 or more..... our first targets for networking."
"When it comes to citywide coalitions across denominational, racial and generational lines... how do you quickly overcome a lack of trust?"
"When a pastor or other leader says they're too busy to work with others, they may more likely be expressing a lack of trust."
"When the deal goes down, white folks are going to be with white folks."
[How embarrassing to the kingdom of God, is that?]
"Gangs know how to network toward their common goal.... selling drugs."
"How does our lack of repentance affect our unity?"
"Take inventory of self -- Is Jesus really central?"
"In God's mind, what is holding back transformation in your city?"

Stay tuned... more from NYC coming up... [And btw, this Tuesday's luncheon should prove very interesting as several will be reporting from NYC and other city-impact roundtables they've attended recently.... not to mention those representing upcoming Indiana transformational events. Come pray, plan and build together with us.]

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