Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Meeting Long-time Friends for the First Time...

The NYC trip was also a great opportunity to meet some folks for the first time, that I'd met long ago on the internet, and with whom I've been working toward similar goals and passions.

Notably, about 4 years ago, I'd met Rudy Carrasco on the net because he was maintaining the CCDA site. So now, here in the middle of Time Square, we were able to sit down for breakfast at a sidewalk cafe. Too cool. And Rudy is just who he appears to be -- an outside the box, "driven Christian", passionate about bringing the gospel to bear on the lives of young guys in the hood. Oh, and passionate about the internet as a paradigm-changer.

Glenn Barth, Jarvis Ward, Phil Miglioratti, Carolyn O'Brien... the 'front four' of Mission America's city-reaching efforts.... all are people I'd talked to over the past couple of years as we share common goals. Awesome folks.

[Tomorrow... 'Mel Gibson'?]

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