Sunday, September 01, 2002

Sunday... Gotta love "Punky" (littlest family member). No bother; loves to love & be loved at just the right times; did I mention "no chewed-up glasses"? She's great. On the other hand... ahem... Mr. "Scout" ... well that's a story for another time. Anyway, we just got back from church. I couldn't help but be moved by worship today. One of the songs we sang this morning took me back a few years and really sums up my sentiments to this day...

"Knowing You, Jesus... There is no greater thing."

Back-log: (circa 1996) I sat on the back row of a South Florida church... mortified at how I could fly in the face of God... and yet still He loved me... and forgave & forgives me. (II Tim 2:11-13). Knowing Jesus, there is no greater thing... indeed.

Future-log: How can I NOT want to know Him better, respond to His love more obediently, walk more humbly, and truly 'love my neighbors as myself'... starting by keeping Jesus and my closest "neighbors"...well, closest.

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