Saturday, September 21, 2002

Saturday... Thank you, Pam Kemp, for the perfect quote to go with the "Got Change, Baby". Too perfect to pass up when I saw it. LOL.

This was a great week. I enjoyed the opportunity to teach a segment re "Finances & Stewardship" at Crossroads Bible College... where they "Train Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ." Great mission. Great school. Great young potential leaders.

Another huge milestone event this week: Our vision is starting to meet reality. The 'virtual world' hits 'the ground'. Ian & I were approved for a most unique setting as we launch the long-awaited "Urban Tech Centers" ministry here in Indianapolis. It's been a long wait, but we praise God for supplying exactly what we dreamed about as a sign to 'get going'. Lord willing, we will do our share to "Bridge the Great Divides"... ie, the Digital Divide, the Multicultural Divide and God's Eternal Divide... and utilize the technologies & trained workers there, to provide the future digital needs of Greater Indianapolis Christian initiatives.

One such venture that is also just now starting to take shape now is the "Transform Indiana" initiative among Greater Indianapolis churches & ministries. We met Thursday night for the 5th monthly meeting, and have finished hammering out some of the necessary organizational items, and are now ready to get down to work making a difference, Lord willing. We're greatly moved by the "Transformational Video" about change occurring in other cities. Not coincidentally, our monthly meetings fall on the same day as Mission America's (Lighthouse Movement) teleconference calls to a 100 city-reachers across the U.S. [ represents Indianapolis, of course, and would lead you to many other such web-portals hoping to stimulate and support change in their cities, through Christians coming together in love, for prayer & action in the name of Jesus.]

And last but not least, despite having tornadoes hit in several places across Indy yesterday, not a life was lost. The IndyStar called it a "miracle". Certainly one lady believes in miracles, as she & her son were spared their lives after riding in a funnel cloud and living to tell about it. Hmmmm.

Even 'ol St. Nick dodged the bullet. LOL.

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