Sunday, September 22, 2002

Sunday.... If I had but 3 wishes today...
#1. I wish everyone could enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
#2. I wish I was more Christ-like.
#3. I wish everyone could go to River Oaks, if for no other reason than to someday be able to say, "I was there the day Marcus' streak came to an end and he inadvertantly preached his first bad sermon." [It's what gets us all out of our beds on Sunday morning... we don't want to take a chance on missing that day. LOL]

Fact is, Marcus is a great teacher & model... and it's a neat place. Btw, what makes a good church a "good church", anyway?

Naming Names: I'll even name the name-namer... Tim Voorhees, the first person mention the name "" for the Christian web-portal I had just started for Greater Indianapolis. I also credit Tim with a profound statement about our collaborative internet strategies. To this day, I remember the conversation in a restaurant parking lot, when Tim hit the proverbial nail on the head as we parted... "You go long; I'll go deep." [Hmmm. Stay tuned...]

Tim, as you'll come to know, is one of the innovative Christians who truly grasps the potential of this great gift God has given the Church today, to change the way we live personally... and "do church" corporately.

Other "malcontents" **LOL** ...dissatisfied with just "doing church" here in Suburbia... were Jeb Gaither, Grace & Peace. Jim Furey, Trinity PCA... guys driven to "do church" better than we've been doing it. They dared to pose the question we've all pondered at one time or another.... ie, "What is a MODEL church?". But thinking back, we not only pondered....

Back-log... (circa 2000) Setting... a "Bob Evans" restaurant in suburbia... any suburbia, really. 6:00am. Hoosier roosters hadn't even had their coffee yet. But four of us met monthly at this ungodly hour.... to discuss the question, and hope to build a (clickable) "model" of the MODEL church.

After all, when congregations want to build a new building, what do they do? Early on, some of them get together over coffee and start scratching it out on a restaurant napkin first, right? LOL. Then what? An architect draws it officially. And often they have to build a scale model for people to really catch the vision, right? Now imagine if that little model has tiny swinging doors, windows that open & shut, moveable furniture, a little bell in the tower that really rings, and some life-like little figures to go with it all. A "life-like model", you might say.

Future-log: Someday soon, we'll share our 'clickable' collaborative model(s) out here on the net. In the meantime, you thought-leaders out there might want do Tim's online questionaire about the model "Covenant Community"... ie, use the net today, to make a difference tomorrow. Encourage your blog-roll to do likewise?

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