Thursday, November 13, 2003

CCDA 2003 -- New Orleans...

Great opportunity. Thank you Scott Truex and sponsors who made it possible for a chartered busload to come here from Indiana. Well done.

CCDA's 'message' can't typically be heard in content, homogeneous (euphemism for 'segregated') churches. So it's a welcome wake-up call to somehow listen differently, non-traditionally, to Jesus' message of reconciling love for those who need Him most.

And it's a message that goes beyond the individualistic, western mindset that stops once it accepts personal salvation -- rather than marching onward to seek God and His kingdom plan for us as the communal body Jesus calls us to be, The Church, to impact the world as salt & light.

Wish you were here. Looking forward to bringing CCDA to Indy in 2005.

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