Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Carpenter & Oster Stir Indy...

Thinking back to New Year's Eve '02 and praying that God would extraordinarily act in Indy this year, it didn't escape my notice that yesterday's meetings were part of His answering.

As if it wasn't enough that He would do all the other things He's done this year, and most recently incite a busload of Hoosiers to/from/at CCDA (New Orleans)... yesterday we had the opportunity on short notice to hear Reid Carpenter (Leadership Foundations of America) talk of 'care-ism' and 'spiritual capital' within a city.

Coincidence perhaps? I'd become familiar with Leadership Foundation only a couple of months ago. Later, Jeff Koenig, my innovative friend now in Columbus OH wrote me that I should get to know a guy named Reid Carpenter, whose message is 'right on' with what we've been advocating via Transform Indiana ministry network. Then I ran into it again in New Orleans at the CCDA conference, as some city leaders from across the nation spoke highly of its ability to impact. And upon return to Indy, I got an email from a local friend here, inviting me on short notice to come to a presentation of a thing called Leadership Foundation. [Reid Carpenter perhaps? Of course. God -- you're so funny and amazing.]

It is his belief that we're on the precipice of major re-invention of 'church', especially as we mine these spiritual gifts for the good of our city.

I had to leave early to make the next meeting across town... Merrill Oster (Pinnacle Forum) had also come to Indy, inciting 'influencers' to grow spiritually, network and reach cultural gatekeepers... and transform America's culture.

It was hard to sleep last night.

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