Sunday, August 03, 2003

Under the Heading: "It's A Small World"

Yesterday, we drove nearly 75 miles to a wedding reception down in the backwoods near Gosport, Indiana. Only the Lord and a hand-picked few of his friends (LOL) know where Gosport is. To make a long story short... we drove up & down the hills & hollers... and went by the cabin of my 'mentor' to get to the reception... which turns out to be a nearby farm owned by a missionary-guy I'd already met at an unrelated luncheon here in Indy. Yesterday I found out he used to teach at the college I'm now associated with. Stranger yet, we realize this was the childhood family farm of he & his sister -- who had invited us to the reception... our longtime missionary-friend & neighbor from our Florida days. And their new son-in-law's best man at the (Hawaiin) wedding had co-taught with Jan here in Indy. We left before it could get completely out-of-hand spooky. **smile**

Yep. A very small world.

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