Thursday, March 06, 2003

Speaking Engagements Coming Up:

I would prefer to remain as "the man behind the curtain" and just stimulate & facilitate change through the cost-effective channel God has given to us in recent years -- the internet. But considering the importance of the mission at hand, a well-integrated life calls for us to frequently break out of our comfort zone and reach out to others in the way THEY wish to understand things. So we need to use every means in order to be effective and productive in the Kingdom of God. In this case... I need to be willing to talk in front of some groups occasionally.

So I've consented to give my testimony at an upcoming luncheon for businessmen here in downtown Indianapolis. And I may be doing a gig on (middle of the night -- thankfully **LOL**) tv soon. And then I'm looking forward to speaking with the statewide staff of Child Evangelism Fellowship next month. May God give me special graces to do these, in a way that would honor Him (in spite of ME).

In preparation for these, I've now built my bio (online of course).

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